California issued fake IDs to 3 million “residents”

How many of them are illegals?

More than 3 million Californians who obtained new identification cards to comply with a federal mandate might have to return to the Department of Motor Vehicles because the state did not adhere to Homeland Security guidelines when it developed the program.

The Department of Homeland Security on Monday sent Gov. Gavin Newsom a letter notifying him that the DMV failed to require Californians to provide adequate verification of their residences when they sought so-called Real ID cards.

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The letter says that Californians with Real ID cards must provide more information to the DMV.

The DMV said in a statement that 3.4 million Californians had obtained Real ID licenses, and the department plans to contact them.

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It has a plan for Californians to comply with the Homeland Security requirements simply by returning a letter from the DMV by mail. They also could visit a field office, or check in online.

That returned letter would represent a second proof of residency, which the DMV says would fulfill federal guidelines.


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