California Moves One Step Closer to Secession from the Union

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by Chris Black

Starting with the first day of 2018, California officially became US’s first and largest sanctuary state, as a brand-new sweeping immigration law started producing effects on Monday, January 1st. The new law dubbed SB54 passed through the state’s legislature back in September. After DEM Governor Jerry Moonbeam Brown signed it into law in October, we can safely presume that California just took one step closer to secession from the Union, and we are not mincing words here.
The problem with SB54 is that California’s police will no longer be allowed to participate in federal immigration enforcement actions, nor to ask people about their immigration status or cooperate with federal immigration officials. And this happens in US’ largest state, which also has, by far mind you, the largest illegal alien population. Besides SB54, California passed and enacted a number of additional laws which are aimed at safeguarding illegal aliens and their children from Trump’s administration relatively tough (as in normal) enforcement of federal immigration laws.

For example, another bill passed by California’s legislature last year prevents employers from allowing immigration/ICE raids at their work sites sans a court order and forbids landlords from reporting the immigration status of their renters. Colleges in California can’t monitor the immigration status of the students they enroll. We can safely say that the country’s largest state just took a dramatic step toward secession or disunion if you like, with Jerry Brown boasting his open defiance of the federal government and Trump’s administration.  All these laws are aimed at enabling mass illegal immigration in California. By the way, illegal aliens in California are already entitled to a number of things, like receiving free in-state college tuition, driver licenses, free healthcare etc. Moreover, they don’t have to know English, nor to have a job to receive taxpayer funded welfare; on top of that, it doesn’t matter if they have a history of (violent) crime. To make a long story short, in California, illegal aliens are now a protected class, with the state itself being now in direct opposition to US’ most basic laws.
The question is how can California still be regarded as part of the USA, since it now has its own immigration policy, which basically redefines citizenship, thus making California its own country? The whole “sanctuary state” extravaganza is entirely illegal/unconstitutional and we can expect Trump’s DOJ to take it to court. When a state declares publicly “we’re not following the laws of the country, we’re making our own and there’s nothing you can do about it”, that sounds like secession to me. Or the beginning of a split/schism or whatever you want to call it. It’s interesting to know that the vast majority of Californians don’t agree with the sanctuary-city/state thing, yet the Democrats who are running California into the ground for the last 30-40 years have their own agenda. Another thing to contemplate is the fact that the Golden State is hemorrhaging its middle class, that’s now moving to neighboring states in huge numbers. Yet leftist politicians don’t seem to care, since they’re importing their new (much poorer and less educated) electorate via illegal immigration from the third world. Pretty soon California will have to build its own wall to keep people from fleeing the state.
There’s a showdown coming. Let’s hope Jeff Sessions is paying attention.


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9 thoughts on “California Moves One Step Closer to Secession from the Union

  1. California seceding would be a good thing — without their electoral votes, Hitlery Clinton wouldn’t stand a chance anymore, and yet somehow at the same time most people in California seem to be ignorant and brainwashed (enough so to think Hitlery is actually a good person) but half-decent people (rather anti-war — despite their support of the warmongering hag).
    An independent California would probably be rather harmless to anyone outside the country. It’s far more dangerous if they can put warmonger #1 into the White House…

      • I am an Independent after years of being Democrat. The Liberals are turning this state into a cesspool, so for now I vote Republican in the the most Liberal part of the state. The thing to be concerned about is the illegal votes, with all the handouts they will vote to let their “Keepers” stay in power. So corrupt!

    • It would also be hilarious. As their own country everything like power, gas, raw materials, water and people (tourists) coming in from the US (keep Jefferson as 50th state) as well as all the goods coming into Cal. seaports would only be allowed after trade negotiations — WITH THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION.

    • hire the CIA to HIRE the Israelis to HIRE the North Koreans to do the JOB!!!
      deniability and all that OLD FORGOTTEN 911 CRAP!!

  2. President of ALL the CALIFORNIANS JERRY ?
    jerry your nation the REPUBLIC of CALIF is the richest state in the USA and will be much better with the pot tax windfall.
    You should leave the union because of sessions not the scum MEXICANS!!!
    You will be using that CASH to HIRE the MEXICANS to fight the war coming to your doorstep.

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