California restaurant owner fights back against LA health department

by DCG

If the California restaurant industry is going to survive (big, fast-food chains excluded as they face little to no shutdowns), they are going to need more business owners like this guy (owner of Bread & Barley):

FYI: Two days after the incident, the Bread & Barley received a notice of closure from the Los Angeles Department of Public Health.

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Bread & Barley posted on their Instagram: “The police department was supportive and only trying to keep things peaceful! I have no issue with law enforcement and I’ve never had any issues with law enforcement.”

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Check out their Instagram here.

If the “entertainment” business can stay open in California, then the bureaucrats should be able to figure out a way to keep ALL businesses open. But we all know that everyone “open for business” is not their goal.

It’s about CONTROL.