California restaurant owner fights back against LA health department

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by DCG

If the California restaurant industry is going to survive (big, fast-food chains excluded as they face little to no shutdowns), they are going to need more business owners like this guy (owner of Bread & Barley):

FYI: Two days after the incident, the Bread & Barley received a notice of closure from the Los Angeles Department of Public Health.

Bread & Barley posted on their Instagram: “The police department was supportive and only trying to keep things peaceful! I have no issue with law enforcement and I’ve never had any issues with law enforcement.”

Check out their Instagram here.

If the “entertainment” business can stay open in California, then the bureaucrats should be able to figure out a way to keep ALL businesses open. But we all know that everyone “open for business” is not their goal.

It’s about CONTROL.




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