CALIFORNIA: The Homeless Industrial Complex is getting filthy rich, wasting the money, while the homeless population swells.

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Every major city in California is spending tens of millions or more on programs for the homeless. But most of the money is being wasted. Why? Because there is a Homeless Industrial Complex that is getting filthy rich, wasting the money, while the homeless population swells.


Here’s how the process works: Developers accept public money to build these projects to house the homeless – either “bridge housing,” or “permanent supportive housing.” Cities and counties collect building fees and hire bureaucrats for oversight. The projects are then handed off to nonprofits with long term contracts to run them.

That doesn’t sound so bad, right? The problem is the price tag. Developers don’t just build housing projects, they build ridiculously overpriced, overbuilt housing projects. Cities and counties don’t just collect building fees, they collect outrageously expensive building fees, at the same time as they create a massive bureaucracy. The nonprofits don’t just run these projects – the actual people staffing these shelters aren’t overpaid – they operate huge bureaucratic empires with overhead and executive salaries that do nothing for the homeless.

REPORT: For The First Time, More People Are Leaving California Than Moving In

Progressive policies are hurting the state of California.

It is now known for high taxes, a massive homeless problem, disease in the cities, and human waste in the streets.

All of this combined is causing people to flee the state.

California’s War on Gig Work Falls Hardest on Women.

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