The Greatness of this State knows no bounds!

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“Pacific Gas & Electric Co. announced Wednesday that it plans to bury 10,000 miles of California power lines in an attempt to prevent its equipment from sparking more wildfires after a series of fatal blazes in recent years sunk the company into bankruptcy.

The project — which would likely cost tens of billions of dollars and take well over a decade to complete — is one example of how not only states and cities but also private companies are being pushed to take extreme measures as they grapple with the effects of a warming climate.

“We know that this is an extraordinary condition and an extraordinary time. It required extraordinary solutions,” Patti Poppe, chief executive of PG&E’s parent company, said at a news conference Wednesday.

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But the project also makes sense for the company financially. PG&E reached a $13.5 billion settlement with California wildfire victims in 2019, including those with claims from the 2018 Camp Fire that devastated the town of Paradise, Calif., killing at least 85 people and destroying 14,000 homes.

Extreme fire behavior has erupted in the West. Here’s what that means.

On Sunday, PG&E said in a report to the state utilities commission that its equipment may have started the Dixie Fire, which is burning in Butte County, near the town of Paradise. As of Wednesday evening, the fire had burned more than 91,000 acres since igniting July 13.



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