California will be the hardest hit State by COVID19, and will probably be the most inhumane in how they handle it

by KorrectDaRekard

This is all speculation based on info we have available, and the real conspiracy aspect of it won’t come in to play until I start theorizing how California will handle their outbreak….

I believe Cali will end up seeing the highest percentage of deaths within their state by a wide margin for 2 key reasons. First, they have a dangerously massive homeless population. Almost every major city in California has huge clusters of tent cities, which were already highly unsanitary and potential breeding grounds for diseases. Once the virus starts spreading through there (and it may have already begun) it will infect them at a rate that would be catastrophic. On top of that, these people will end up being low priority as far being given medical attention, and will be seen as a major risk to the rest of state’s population. Just as big as their homeless population, is their illegal immigrant population. Both the homeless and immigrants will go hungry because they will not be factored into the stimulus plan and will not receive checks to feed themselves, many will starve, infected or not. This will cause unrest, and will lead to them become desperate to survive, and the cities will see a massive amount of looting and violence in the name of survival. On top of that, since the state has no records of how just how many there are, many will die in the streets or in hiding, and sit there rotting for days before anyone finds them. Leaders of the state and country know this, and they are going to take heavy measures to get them off the street. For the people who are worried about FEMA camps, these are the people who will likley end up there. I beleive we will soon see a huge raid of these tent cities, and they will not have a choice. If they dont have a place to take shelter in, the government will forcefully provide them with one. The amount of people they will have to deal with will be so overwhelming that the state will chose to let them die, or in many cases, kill them for resisting, or in displays of excessive force trying to diffuse potential riots. California’s leaders will not care, they will see this as both a solution to an already existing problem, as well as a way of preventing a larger one. This will likely happen in all the major urban areas, homelessness exists across the country, but we will see the worst of it in California.

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