Called The Greatest 10-Minutes in U.S. Comedy History—Ever Heard of George Carlin?

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It’s hard for old farts to remember that there is nearly a generation of Americans that has never heard of George Carlin. George was a brilliant, totally unique comedian that was able to make any subject hysterically funny. (Much like Richard Pryor).

But George had one talent attribute Pryor did not: He was able to combine political satire with extreme comedy. This comedy piece was voted by US comedians years ago as the ‘funniest 10-minutes in comedy history’ and I agree. You may as well.

The first half is an indictment of the American obsession with malls and food. This was obviously pre-covid. Then he turns to our political leaders. Carlin never revealed what party with which he was affiliated. I’m not sure he believed in any of our leaders. He ends the piece by using his most famous line ever and since then it has been repeated by people around the world.

Little known fact: Notice how quickly he thinks and speaks. Carlin MEMORIZED EVERY WORD! People who saw his shows multiple times said his performances were identical each time. Amazing. I miss George Carlin’s voice right now so much we would NEVER BE WOKE. He was a fighter.

***WARNING*** Carlin uses profanity profusely and it is woven throughout this piece. And not just ‘hell’ and ‘damn’. He made a national name for himself getting taken off TV in the 70s because he would not stop using words that he said he had the Constitutional right to use. So if this offends you, please don’t listen. I don’t mind it at all.

For the rest of you, especially younger people that have never heard of him and older people who haven’t heard him in a long time, you are about to remember a time before 20 year-old punks controlled how we are supposed to think. Get ready: You’re about to bust a gut.

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