Can ABC Epstein “Whistleblower” Sue CBS for Wrongful Dismissal? Nothing says “corrupt oligarchy” like coordinated suppression between allegedly competing news organizations.

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by axolotl_peyotl

The response to the “leak” of the ABC Amy Robach clip has truly been a stunning sight to behold.

Perhaps one of the more extraordinary examples of the cognitive dissonance that has a stranglehold on significant chunks of the population is how this story was originally shared by the likes of AOC before they learned that the source was Project Veritas, at which point they retracted and deleted the story.

How insanely lost in the throes of cognitive dissonance do you have to be to self-censor a critical story over such blatant logical fallacies?

Where is the sympathy for this multiple-Emmy award winning producer? I mean, this young woman literally is at the head of her field by the age of 25…I’ll admit I’m extremely impressed.

Where’s the recognition for a young, independent and successful woman?

Oh that’s right, there are more important things to do like cover for the fact that monstrous anti-human pedophiles run the world and the Mockingbird MSM exists only to obfuscate and support their disastrous hegemony.

As far as a chance for litigation in this instance, the creator of this “vlawg” Viva Frei added the following amendment:

A number of comments are rightly pointing out what is often referred to as a “probationary period” – or trial period – during which time an employer can terminate for any reason. These types of provisions are a subject unto themselves – in terms of wording, enforceability, how they can be exercised. But they are nonetheless contractually dependent. I am (perhaps wrongly) operating on the basis that an accomplished award-winning producer wouldn’t change jobs being subject to the fickleness of a probationary period. Even still, I think she would have a claim for what they did and how they did it.

Regardless of whether or not she has a case for wrongful dismissal, the fact remains that how the MSM treated this story is perhaps as revealing as it possibly can be that they are ALL complicit.

For shame.



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