Can I Play Private Blackjack Games Online with Friends?

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Meta-Description: Discover whether you must always play against the house with our guide to private online blackjack games.

While it can unquestionably be fun playing blackjack against the dealer online, sometimes you want to play against friends. If you fancy your chances of having a crack against friends, pals, mates, and chums, are you going to find a venue or safe space to do that online? It’s a big request, and one we had to do a lot of digging to discover the secret to. Join us as we explain all right here.

What Is a Private Game?

Firstly, some of you may be wondering, what is a private game of blackjack? In reality, this is a blackjack game that is played with no dealer. Well, that’s not entirely true. There is a dealer, but it is likely to be one of your close circles of friends. The main reason is that all the competitors at this blackjack table are people of your choosing. You are, in short, playing at your own blackjack table.

Playing Against the House Is Standard

Don’t think that the two ways of playing are on equal footing – they aren’t. Betting on blackjack with a house dealer is commonplace and very much the norm. Wagering on the game using solely your friends is not the norm. It is quite tricky to do at the best of times because you’re going to find options to do so quite limited.

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Most Land-Based Casinos Have Backrooms

When you bet high stakes on blackjack in land-based casinos, you’ll find that most venues have a backroom. This is where the VIP players are given exclusive license to wager in their own games. However, this option is only reserved solely for just a handful of members, they are often high-stakes games (with a cut going to the house), and the games may still require a house dealer to be incorporated into them. For the average blackjack player, these aren’t going to be options you can explore fully.

Few Online Casinos Support Private Tables

However, there are other options – some of which can be found online. If you (and your inner circle) are all regular members at poker sites or top online casinos, then there is a small chance that you can set up a blackjack game on private tables. For instance, live dealer blackjack games sometimes have Privé options for you and your pals to crowd around a table. You won’t be taking each other on in tournaments, but you can still play together.

You Can Still Play in Blackjack Tournaments

You don’t have to settle for an RNG or live dealer game against the dealer, though. Most of the very best blackjack casinos also run tournaments and competitions. These can be used to sometimes play and compete against other players. You can end up ranked on a leaderboard or participate in a knockout competition. Each casino has its own blackjack tournament options, so explore several before deciding where to play.

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