Can Putin ‘Out-bomb’ President Trump’s Mother of All Bombs?

By Gabrielle Seunagal
Recent reports by the Daily Mail have shown that Russian President Putin possesses a ‘Father of All Bombs’ with four times as much power as President Trump’s ‘Mother of All Bombs.’ While the U.S. bomb outclasses Putin’s in size and weight, the latter is far more superior in power and strength. The Russian bomb is packed with 44 explosives and contains a higher burning temperature. While the ‘Mother of All Bombs’ weighs 21,600 lbs, the ‘Father of All Bombs’ amounts to 15, 560 lbs.

The ‘Father of All Bombs’ was fire tested in 2007. The blast temperature was twice as high as the MOAB and is arguably the most powerful global weapon across the world. The FOAB was crafted to replace small nuclear bombs in the arsenal, although its lack of pictures engendered American defense analysts to question its size and capacity. Revelations of the FOAB have caused much unease among people who are opposed to wars.


Many Americans celebrated when President Trump dropped the MOAB in Afghanistan and ended lives of 36 ISIS militants. While this action was admirable and saved a plethora of lives, the FOAB has been dubbed as ‘Russia’s response to the MOAB.’ The current state of affairs serves as a reminder of the infamous Cold War; both Russia and America are flaunting their bombs and capacity for destruction. Until Thursday, neither bomb was ever used in combat. Reporters speculate that Russia could possibly use the FOMB in retaliation to MOAB as a show of bravado.


What say you, reader? Do you think Russia will pull their ace and use the FOAB to show the world how tough they are? Leave your thoughts, opinions, and rude remarks in the comments section below…


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  1. Furthermore, the FOAB (Aviation Thermobaric Bomb of Increased Power (ATBIP)) is 21st century technology, unlike the MOAB (which is just a scaled BACK “Daisy Cutter” at 36,000lb with a small update in explosive) which is Vietnam era technology with a 1990s guidance system. The Thermobaric Bomb that Russia has, has NO theoretical limit in yield. Right now they say they have a 44 ton bomb yield. No reason they don’t have a 100 ton bomb yield device. The thermobaric properties of the Russian bomb was ideally suited for tunnel systems and would have been more effective, but why use the right tool for the job? The US HAS their own thermobaric bombs, btw.
    Just to underscore the seriousness of the laughter heard around the world with it’s use, the Afghan government has announced the 16MM dollar drop killed 90 people now, 4 “leaders” and Santa Claus, cause damn, 36 ppl sounds pretty lame, and now I see, it’s not just me.
    Just for reference, nukes, even tactical ones are measure in kilotons, not tons: kilo := 1,000 so we’re talking bomb yields of 125,000 tons of tnt for a uranium device for example…not 11 or 44 ton yields. I know of one tactical nuke that’s subkiloton yield but that’s from the 1950s. The regular tactical nukes with multiyield capability cost maybe ~4MM dollars and would have delivered 0.5, 1, 5, 8, 10, and 15 kilotons (15,000 tons of tnt) weighing in at ~150lb.
    The MOAB is a very expensive firework. No peer enemy would let a military cargo plane to fly overhead to drop that bomb on them either. This is another version of drone striking a wedding party or funeral procession. It’s just ridiculous.

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