Can you believe that the media is telling us “you shouldn’t read conspiracy theories, even if you really want to”.

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Who are they to dictate what people read. Theres no smoke without fire and the narrative given for the Russian/British nerve agent attacks doesn’t makes sense. It’s right to question!

A link to an article telling people not to read the conspiracy theories surrounding the novichok poisoning. New evidence means the main stream narrative doesnt add up. British media instantly assumed and accused russia of being behind the attack with no evidence.


Why you shouldn’t read conspiracy theories about the novichok poisoning, even if you really want to

The apparent poisoning of a couple in Amesbury comes at an unfortunate moment, just as the diplomatic turmoil caused by the nerve agent attack on Sergei and Yulia Skripal was beginning to ease – or, at least, had drifted down the list of media and public talking points. Anxiety about spies and chemical weapons had given way to World Cup hysteria: in a game of Mallett’s Mallet, “Russia” would in recent weeks be met with the response of “football”, rather than “novichok”.

Certainly it is an extraordinary turn of events, coming nearly four months after the attack which left the Skripals fighting for their lives. Having initially been cautious about drawing a link between that incident and the illness that struck down ️Charlie Rowley and Dawn Sturgess at the weekend, the police now appear convinced of a connection.

Indeed, the working hypothesis is that the unwitting couple – who had been in Salisbury prior to falling ill – somehow stumbled on the poison at the location where it had been prepared before the targeting of the Skripals, or where its residue had been discarded in the aftermath. On the face of it that feels like a perfectly plausible theory, especially when the background of the individuals affected at the weekend do not lend themselves to an alternative proposition that they were deliberate victims of a second attack.


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