Canada Begins Mortgage BAILOUT Through Complex Too Big To Fail Derivatives!

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The Bank of Canada is desperate. The housing market in Canada is the last avenue for keeping up a fraudulent economy. Real estate has been the only factor allowing Canadians feeling as if everything is ok. Just use your home as an ATM. No worries. Reverse mortgages, second mortgages, home equity line of credit, no money down, tax rebates, and every other scheme to ensure you are heavily in debt and that prices remain high forever. We don’t have an affordability problem because people need more assistance, more affordable housing. We have an affordability problem because prices have been kept artificially high.

What do you think the Bank of Canada is trying to accomplish here?

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In your opinion, why did the Fed bail out Canadian banks during the Financial Crisis?


Bank of Canada expands balance sheet list to mortgage bonds | The Star

Bank of Canada expands balance sheet list to mortgage bonds | The Star

Expansion of Assets the Bank of Canada will Acquire for Balance Sheet Management Purposes – Bank of Canada

Statement of Policy Governing the Acquisition and Management of Financial Assets for the Bank of Canada’s Balance Sheet

Canada Mortgage Bonds Program (CMB Program) – User Guide 2018,http&sig=0Ketq0sPGtnokWOe66BpqguDljVgBRH9wLOCg8HfE3w=

Backgrounder: Regulations to Implement the Bank Recapitalization (Bail-in) Regime –

Resolution : How Bail-in works

Small step for G20, a leap for TBTF banks |

(17) Fed Bailed Out CANADA! Prime Minister Harper Caught Lying! – YouTube


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