Canada buckles up for mass health-care firings…

Remember all those health-care workers we banged pots for and spent months proclaiming as heroes? Thousands of them are about to get fired . Under new federal vaccine mandates that Reuters has called  “one of the strictest vaccine mandates in the world,” any health-care worker who refuses a COVID shot faces dismissal, with no options to substitute regular testing or even to opt out on account of prior COVID-19 recovery.

In Quebec, with hard vaccine mandates poised to eliminate up to 20,000 workers from the province’s already overstretched health system , the provincial government has extended the deadline to Nov. 15 in a bid to boost vaccinations.

Postal workers are suddenly exempt from federal vaccine mandates, however . This week, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers got an exemption to the mandate wherein they can instead submit to a free weekly COVID-19 test.

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A Canadian capital city can’t drink its own water right now . Iqaluit, the 7,700-person capital of Nunavut, declared a state of emergency Tuesday night after its municipal water supply was found contaminated with petroleum. The entire city is now dependent on bottled water, emergency municipal drinking water stations or on water drawn directly from the Sylvia Grinnell River.


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