CANADA et al: Can the Truckers throw a Captain overboard?

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by John Ward


Over the last fortnight, I’ve been posing an important question in various ways. Three days ago, I expressed it as follows:

‘We have still yet to break our duck when it comes to chucking someone in a higher pay-grade overboard. Until we start doing that, the outlook is very bleak, I’m afraid.’

Two days earlier, I expressed this opinion in relation to the élite’s quadrophonic attacks on Boris Johnson:

‘Boris Johnson is notoriously weak on the stats…[&] simply isn’t made of the calibre sought by the 0.01% as Stage III of the plot abandons the cod science of vaccivirus in favour of stark realities like bourse collapse, hyperinflation, mass unemployment and the onward march of digital money madness’

My delight at the thought of Johnson’s imminent decline was massively tempered by the realisation that The People had nothing whatsoever to do with it. I bemoaned this earlier in January by writing, ‘The problem with all of this for me is that The People have had no involvement at all in any attempt to get Johnson out. If the 0.01% ditch him, then no member of the 1in8 can take credit for the scalp. Even though the PM himself isn’t one of the “illuminati”, riots, strikes and non-compliance seeing him off would, oddly, have been much better news for liberty’.

Very few sources I use really know if Justin Trudeau is simply another Gofer like Boris….or higher in the Davos ranking along with other toerags like Matt Hancock. One thing can however be observed for certain: no other leader on Earth (apart from the appalling Jacinda Ahearne, whose fiefdom, to be fair, is of little geopolitical significance) has been so overtly admiring of top-down intolerant ‘liberal’ poppycock than the Canadian leader….and displayed such commitment to the kind of social demarcation and condemnation that led to Dachau and Auschwitz. My hunch is, increasingly, that he is a loyal Schwabisch fanatic determined to effect a régime of irreversible ‘transhuman’ global step-change.

To say I’m delighted by the Canadian Truckers’ movement is a massive understatement: in over thirty years of playing and working with Canucks, I’ve met just one I didn’t like…and nobody else liked the little creep either. As a nation, their descent upon Ottowa has the feeling of maybe – just maybe – a real Captain Nemo about to walk the plank. For me personally, events there and elsewhere in the coming weeks are going to influence my own strategy decisions to a degree that I find both alarming and yet fascinating at the same time: alarming because I admit openly to being scared; fascinating because the chances to influence events in the favour of Light not Darkness gives all those prepared to ‘get stuck in’ the sense of a coming Second Wind.

As the awareness of what’s in play on Planet Earth at last begins to seep down the pyramid of social hierarchies – from frail beginnings at the opinion-leader pinnacle towards mass mobilisation among the least privileged (and least compliant) proletarian realists – we are starting to see some positive symptoms of unity. By far the most encouraging to me is the increasingly held opinion that the unvaxed minority want to embrace those who initially failed to spot the contrick in Covid19, but now regret their decision and have drawn a line in the sand. (The preponderance of young mothers among the regretters is both predictable and healthy).

But this undeclared World War III has barely begun. I would submit that, as of now, three routes are being followed by those of either long-held or more recent outlooks about the dystopian future that could so easily lie ahead:

  1. Stay at ‘The Front’ and fight to the last bullet….what one might term ‘Better Dead than Force-fed’
  2. Flee and regroup in an environment of like-minded souls, there to carry on the fight via a mixture of setting examples – and activist deconstruction of the neo-Nazi narrative. I tend to call this ‘Mayflower II’ thinking
  3. Run away and try to hide, while broadcasting lofty social media pronouncements about what “must” be done – so long as you the poseur don’t have to do it. I dub this tactic, “You hit them and I’ll hold your coat”.

I’m genuinely torn at the moment between the first two. To stay and fight is viable so long as one recognises just how outgunned the 1in8 are by the leanings of the media, legislators, spooks, tech fqscists, central bankers, cops, judiciary, bourse mogul firms, Globalist multinationals and Leftlibs. What happens to the Canadian Truckers and lookalike movements in for example Italy is going to be crucial to my decision.

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To form a start-afresh colony of Pilgrim Fathers has great appeal for me, and several concerns are already setting up such projects. My chief niggling doubt about this route is the possibility of jumping out of a Davos billionaire pan into a fire of Moonies. It’s something (being an Aquitaine resident) I’ll be putting to the test in the run-up to the French elections next April: frankly, if the Boy King Macron is returned, a flight to anywhere – even Musk’s Martian dream – is going to look good.

The third route isn’t actually being followed by that many people: you can run, you can bribe, you can disguise your avatar – but in the end, no hiding place will be secure enough…as Ghislaine Maxwell proved beyond all doubt. My experience thus far has been that such narcissists see themselves as offering a solution; but as often as not, in truth they are part of the problem. Let’s face it, if everyone talked the talk and did nothing else, the self-styled Masters of the Universe would win hands-down.

The Truckers face powerful odds, made clear in a powerfully succinct piece by Sonia Elijah yesterday. At one point, she writes:

‘Not everyone has been supportive of the truckers. Much of the mainstream media has so far chosen to ignore this monumental convoy. The outlets that have covered it, have been largely negative, using phrases such as “so-called Freedom Convoy” and “a convoy of anti-vaccine Canadian truckers.” One website ran the headline “The ‘Freedom Convoy’ Is Nothing But A Vehicle For The Far Right.”’

Demonisation tactics rarely change. I confess to a pretty unalloyed admiration for Sonia’s work, and will wait with baited breath for her next opine on the subject. Encouraging this morning was the online allegation that State documents have been obtained purporting to show a staged ‘US Jan 6th insurrection’ narrative has been prepared as the excuse for mass arrests. However, the convoy now arriving in Ottawa is fifty miles long….and being joined by US counterparts. So Mr Intrudeau is going to struggle with that one.

Stay tuned.


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