Canada is F**ked

by Xianb1

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Faced with the prospect of hospitals becoming overwhelmed with COVID patients within weeks, hundreds of Manitoba doctors are once again calling on Premier Brian Pallister to enact more restrictions.They have to increase restrictions to blunt this curve, or we’re going to be in deep, deep circumstances within two to three weeks, if not sooner,” said Dr. Dan Roberts, an intensive care physician at Health Sciences Centre and one of 212 signatories on a letter sent to the premier Tuesday evening. On Tuesday, Manitoba intensive care units were treating 47 COVID-19 patients. That was more than double the provincial volume of ICU patients with COVID-19 on March 10, when the number bottomed out at 21 people.

So because 47 people got sick you want more Lockdowns because 47 people got sick? I’m not Canadian. But Holy Fuck. Canadians need to start having Fiery, but Mostly Peaceful Protests because this shit is never going to end. They keep moving the Goal Posts. 47 people is not a lot. These unelected morons got a taste of power. And now don’t want to let it go because they have fancy medical degrees.




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