Canada’s Economy MUST CRASH! – The Inevitable END To The Debt Bubble

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the inevitable end and fall of the Canadian economy as interest rates look to rise further in a desperate attempt to save that which cannot be saved. We will see negative rates.
The Bank of Canada’s Poloz claims it’s just a natural progression. If you consider vast centralization and manipulation by the hand of man “natural.” The very notion is obviously absurd.
Will the Canadian economy go completely cashless in an attempt to prolong its existence? Could this possible succeed? Especially considering the recent news surrounding project Jasper, there’s no doubt the direction is clear. A cashless society that’s completely centrally planned where people cannot do runs on the bankrupt banks and all money is owned and controlled by the banks and never by you.
One thing is blatantly clear. All fiat currency eventually reverts to its true value of zero. It always has, it always will going back to 1024AD in China. This time certainly won’t be any different.

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We will continue to cover this trend as we see it reach its inevitable end. There is no saying exactly when it will happen as the fundamentals are completely off the table at this point and it should have happened long ago, but we see all the warning signs today and we know it has to happen naturally one way or another as the global domino effect takes hold.


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