Canadia: Premier Blaine Higgs and ‘several’ triple-vaccinated members of his immediate family all test positive.

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On Dec. 31 he indicated his wife, Marcia, and his “family members” were double-vaccinated and “boosted.”

He also said he had made the difficult decision not to visit his in-laws during the Christmas holidays. “We wanted to protect them and now, given the circumstances, we know we did the right thing.”

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And natural immunity is back…
The ONLY immunity it seems.

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Vaccinated individuals who have recently been infected with COVID-19 should still get a third shot, despite the natural immune response from the infection itself, according to B.C.’s provincial health officer and an SFU expert.

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“While it is likely that the infection will have naturally boosted your immune response, that infection may not have boosted that immune response as well as a vaccine might.”



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