Canadian Government Admits It’s Tracking Everyone’s Cellphones to Keep Them Safe from a Virus

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by Chris Black

This is big. They are establishing a brutal technological control grid all around us.

It’s a global panopticon.

Here’s the deal: the US government, along with other Western governments, keep records of most or all electronic communications.


However, that data is not generally used in court, and it isn’t really available to hardly anyone who doesn’t work at a small number of spy agencies (and even they have trouble finding things).

What we are witnessing now is the mass legalization of the normal government spying on the people legally. 

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The core concept here is different, and no one cares.

Basically, in every Western nation, anyone who works at the government is just going to be able to type up your name (or your social security number) and find an entire record of your movements.

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