Canadian Government Wants the World’s Opinion on a Handgun Ban

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By Francis Marion, TBP

The Canadian government is looking for feedback from the public on their idea of a national ban on handguns and “assault-style” weapons (whatever the hell those are). The problem is the questionnaire they’ve provided can be filled out by anyone anywhere in the world as many times as they would like. And although it has been pointed out to them several times that this is an internal matter and should be commented on by relevant stakeholders (ie: Canadians) they refuse to fix the problem. Probably because the VAST MAJORITY of us (Canadians) do not support this idea. So. If they leave it wide open and you can fill it out as many times as you want then maybe some supporters in Iran,  or the Marxist UK can help tip the scales of opinion in their favor.

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Of course, that can work the other way too.

Please fill out the questionnaire and share it far and wide. I’m not a 4 Chan or 8 Chan guy but it would be great if it showed up there as well. Or on Zerohedge. That would be awesome.

Thanks to gun owners and lovers of freedom everywhere for your help with this project.

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