Canadian Stock Market Is DOOMED! – Debt SKYROCKETS As Market Rigging Continues!

Josh Sigurdson talks with John Sneisen about the future of the TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) as it is clear the markets are rigged and vast amounts of money are being flooded into bailouts.

This is of course not sustainable. The debt in Canada is skyrocketing and while a lot of analysts claim the TSX will continue to soar, they aren’t looking at the reality on the ground. A HUGE percentage of Canadians face homelessness. A HUGE amount of Canadians are unemployed. There is absolutely nothing bullish about what we’re witnessing.

Besides, they will lock down again. It’s only a question of exactly when. So pretending that this is normal is detrimental to all of us.

As the former Finance Minister Bill Morneau is disgraced and Justin Trudeau learns how to tie his shoes as the economy collapses, it comes down to what YOU do next.



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