CASE CLOSED!! Final Nail in Coffin…Orlando Shooting Was 100% Staged Hoax! THIS IS ALL YOU NEED TO SEE!

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This video is for all the moronic imbeciles who still believe the Orlando Shooting was Real.
This is undebunkable proof that Crisis Actors were used.
Good luck to you morons and trolls who will try to debunk this because you can’t.


13 thoughts on “CASE CLOSED!! Final Nail in Coffin…Orlando Shooting Was 100% Staged Hoax! THIS IS ALL YOU NEED TO SEE!

  1. Tell that to the relatives of the 49 dead. I don’t think they will find it amusing.
    The video i want to see, is the 49 dead shown walking around, doing whatever, after the funerals have occurred.
    No one has been able to produce that video yet.
    Until you do, the shooting was indeed, real.

    • How about they release the surveillance videos from inside the club showing what happened as that would end the questioning. You honestly do not find it odd that not one single video was taken from any of the 300 people inside?
      Think about everything we are not seeing along with the crap they have shown us.

    • The families of those 49, should file a class action suit for negligence.
      They [police] should have immediately STOP their mass casualty drill, and respond to a real shooting 250 feet away.
      Other issues: why was the club over the capacity limited by the fire code? 11 parking spaces-for club employees, where do the non-ride share clients park at? Is there a reciprocal agreement with the Dunkin Donuts?
      How were there 5 female victims of the 49? Isn’t the club primarily for male clientele?
      Toilets: 3 urinals in a dedicated Men’s urinal only bathroom; the full public Men’s room has one urinal/one toilet.

  2. Actually, it just came out that no one died in till 5 o’clock in the morning when the SWAT Arrived, That would’ve been daybreak. Of course, we can’t even believe that. The video shot of the crowd of people is a staging area for the crisis actors. Apparently, the reason they were using pickup trucks as ambulances is because they couldn’t afford to hire real ambulances for the acting

  3. I don’t usually comment here, but there is too much inconsistency in the stories being told about this event to add up to the truth. The law of averages, what’s the odds to have so many crisis actors partying in the club in Florida, coming on the same night? One of the starring roles, Patience Carter, singer, actress, Fox intern. poet, appears unphased by the alleged trauma and death she stated she found herself involved in. If no other “victim/witness besides her, she is blaring proof of a hoax. Now, today, via the New York Times, the Damage Control Crew is jumping to action as the hoax is being shredded by people paying attention.

  4. Just SO MANY parallels to the Boston Marathon Fiasco & Sandy Hook disaster that don’t make ANY sense.
    They SUPPOSEDLY have drills & then seem to disobey ALL protocol DURING the disaster.
    You don’t see videos of paramedics assisting or putting patients in ambulances….it all just seems so HOKEY.
    I’m wondering IF someone investigated these CRISIS actors companies, how many victims/bystanders would match the actors photos on file ?
    QUESTION EVERYTHING, the government HATES educated people, especially now.

  5. i think what is often missed with these false flags , they do both sometimes, have actors, and kill the folk inside. i have seen that no one died untill 5 am or round there. It was said the police then killed the folk inside. I believe it was Judge Napolitano that i heard this.

  6. Does the moronic imbecile “analyzing” the RT video know what cuts are? There are at least 8 of them in the first minute. That’s not an uninterrupted video and as such it is useless as supporting evidence for assertions as to what chronological order the events shown in the video occurred. It’s been edited.

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