Cases of the flu and other seasonal viruses fell from 4,800 per month in 2019 to just TWELVE each month last year, study finds

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  • Cases of the flu detected in a Wisconsin hospital system fell by over 99% this flu season, a new study finds
  • Hospital system recorded 4,800 cases every month in 2019, compared to only 12 a month in 2020
  • Researchers say asking and social distancing mandates put in place because of COVID seem to have killed the flu
  • Experts believe cases of the flu are likely to spike in the coming months as many restrictions around the country are lifted  

Cases of the flu and other seasonal viruses fell by more than 99 percent last year, a new study suggests.

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Researchers at the University of Wisconsin found that, on average, around 4,800 cases of influenza and other common infections were detected each month before the pandemic.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, however, only 12 cases per month on average were detected.

The findings match what many scientists have previously said, that the regular flu season did not happen in America last year because regular masking and social distancing prevented the respiratory illness from spreading.

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