Catalonia Declares Independence

by Mark Angelides

After the shocking treatment of voters in the Catalan “referendum” which saw people literally dragged out of voting stations and elderly people bleeding in the streets, added to the iron fist threat of taking back power from the autonomous region, Catalonia’s elected officials have voted 70 to 10 to declare independence from Spain.
But what is the reality of the situation? It is well known that earlier this month, the Catalan President Carles Puigdemont organized a referendum that was deemed illegal by the Spanish government in Madrid. When the government sent in “the troops” it rallied support from unlikely sectors around the world. But the one group that were firmly unmoved by Catalonia’s plight were the European Union. Not only did they refuse to condemn Spain’ actions, they seemed in many ways to support the heavy handedness.
Bolstered by the lack of international condemnation, Spain decided to nip the Catalan problem in the bud by activating Article 155 of their constitution. This would allow them to claw back powers from what is essentially a devolved region (of which there are 17 in Spain), and is, to many Catalans, the final straw. Prime Minister Rajoy said:
“Exceptional measures should only be adopted when no other remedy is possible. In my opinion, there is no alternative. The only thing that can be done and should be done is to accept and comply with the law.”
This view also appeared to be backed up by King Felipe.
So the fact that the Catalan parliament got together and decided to hold a vote is not overly surprising, and for people who value freedom and independence, it must have seemed a necessity.  
The illegal referendum that was held showed over 90% of those that voted wanted freedom from Spain; but it is worth remembering that the turnout was only 43%. Was this because there is not an appetite for independence? Or is there another reason?
Catalans are deeply aware that over the last two decades, the government in Madrid ahs actively been pursuing a policy of “race replacement” in the area. They have been encouraging migration of Spaniards to the region to dilute the Catalan identity in the area. It is the same process that China uses in “ethnic Chinese” areas…They encourage the Han people to move into the area, offer tax breaks and incentives, and then a generation down the line, the ethnic minority is now not the main power nor the predominant race in the area.
It seems a shame that globalist governments think it right to destroy a race in the name of clinging to their power.