Catalonia, Spain announces Covid Pass–Postpones because Website Crashes

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Catalonia suspended the launch on Friday of new rules requiring a Covid pass to enter bars and restaurants in the Spanish region after its website was unable to keep up with demand for permits.
Until now, Catalonia has only required the so-called “Covid passport” for nightclubs, but on Friday extended it to include bars, restaurants, gyms or care homes.

It is not required for customers sitting on bar or restaurant terraces.

(It is also not required for restaraunt workers!)

But regional health minister Josep Maria Argimon announced on Friday afternoon that the Catalan government had “decided to temporarily suspend” use of the pass because the website that issued them had crashed due to “very intense traffic”.

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So there it is… know where the weak spots are. If their tech doesn’t work they can’t implement the rules.



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