Catherine Herridge Reports DNI John Ratcliffe Confirmed “There Was Foreign Election Interference by China, Iran, Russia in November”…. “We’ll See if There’s a Biden Administration”

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DNI Ratcliffe – “We’ll See if There’s a Biden Administration”

The Trump administration’s director of national intelligence on Sunday refused to acknowledge a Biden administration, the latest denial as the president and his allies launch increasingly desperate bids to stall or overturn the transfer of power.

“Well, these election issues, we’ll see who’s in what seats and whether there is a Biden administration,” said DNI director John Ratcliffe, after Fox News host Maria Bartiromo asked what the official thought of Mr Biden’s cabinet picks and their approach to China.

During the interview, Mr Ratcliffe also cast doubt on the use of mail-in voting, long considered safe and used by the president himself this election, and further echoed conspiracies from the president and his allies. They have continued to spread false claims about the integrity of the election even though federal officials have declared it was secure and no evidence of meaningful voter fraud has been found.

Mr Ratcliffe called on federal authorities to reassure the public about the integrity of the election.

“I would hope that the leadership at the FBI and the Department of Justice would speak to those things, directly to the American people, because there is a lack of confidence there,” he said. “There are a lot of people in this country who don’t think the votes were counted fairly.”

Earlier this month, Trump appointee attorney general William Barr told the Associated Press that federal authorities were following through on complaints about election issues, but hadn’t found anything meaningful.


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