CDC admits the Johnson and Johnson vaccine doesn’t work, CDC demands you get MRNA vaccines to be “up to date”

The nearly 17 million Americans who received the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine are less protected against serious illness and hospitalizations than those who got the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna shots, according to federal data released Tuesday.

The latest data suggest Johnson & Johnson recipients should get a booster with one of the messenger RNA vaccines, if they haven’t already done so – and even consider a second messenger RNA booster for the greatest protection.

Even combining a Johnson & Johnson vaccine with a booster of either Johnson & Johnson, or one of the two messenger RNA vaccines, wasn’t as strong as three shots of the messenger RNA vaccines in preventing emergency room visits or hospitalizations, according to the report.

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The data also suggest a second boost with a messenger RNA vaccine may need to be considered, even for individuals who have received two doses of Johnson & Johnson, said Boghuma Titanji, an infectious-diseases expert at Emory University

Last fall, the CDC gave Americans eligible for boosters the choice of any one of the three vaccines, regardless of their original shot. In December, however, the agency updated its guidance to recommend people get the messenger RNA vaccines over Johnson & Johnson because of concerns over the an extremely rare but potentially fatal blood clot issue.





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