CDC is starting to tiptoe quietly away from “herd immunity via vaccination.”

China still thinks it can be done with better jabs – found this article:

Zero chance for China’s zero-Covid aim now virus has adapted, Sars expert says

  • ‘No chance if we set a goal to eliminate all Covid-19 cases’, because virus has foothold and ‘will stay with us for the long term’, Guan Yi says
  • Country should find out population’s antibody level after vaccination and how long it lasts, not obsess about testing to identify cases, he argues
  • “If a vaccine is not effective, we should remove it [from the vaccination programme]. If we don’t have sufficient understanding … we don’t have the [chance] to make improvements, especially when vested interests are involved,” he said, in a veiled reference to pharmaceutical firms.””
  • “Guan said it was difficult for scientists from different countries to cooperate to build a global surveillance network similar to the one for flu, because of tension between nations and politicising of research.”

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It’s ironic that it is highly likely that the jabs are responsible for the rapid mutation in the S1 spike.

h/t You’ve been Nudged…!


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