Censorship Wins! Doctors & Healthcare Workers Fired For Talking About Lack Of Masks, Gloves, Etc

(Silver Doctors Editors) Some doubleplusungood news on this final day of March, 2020.

The censorship is real, and while it may be hard to believe, censorship in the USA is getting in the way of doctors and nurses simply being able to do their jobs and help healthcare workers in doing theirs by sharing difficulties and fixes for difficulties.

It’s bad enough our government and so-called public health leaders say masks don’t help, but now, doctors, nurses, and those on the frontlines are simply not able to say what’s going on.

Here’s a (former) doctor from Washington State who’s out of a job for speaking out:

An emergency room doctor who spoke out about the lack of coronavirus safety protections in place at his workplace in Bellingham, Washington, about 90 miles north of Seattle, said he was fired on Friday.

Dr Ming Lin, an emergency physician at PeaceHealth St Joseph Medical Center, repeatedly posted on his Facebook page about not having enough protective equipment, long delays in receiving coronavirus test results, and risky virus screening practices in which patients were evaluated inside the waiting room.

Dr Lin, a physician for about 30 years, often began posts with “SHAME ON PEACEHEALTH”. He received dozens of supportive responses.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, he wrote that nurses were not given enough gowns to protect themselves and there was no area for staff to “decontaminate”. There was “no way for us to prevent us from becoming the vector for our family and our community,” he wrote.

The scary part is, when doctors are allowed to speak out, well, changes can be made for the better.

So if doctors are not allowed to speak out, then what does that say about the true agenda here?

Here’s more on this alarming new censorship trend, from Bloomberg:

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“Hospitals are muzzling nurses and other health-care workers in an attempt to preserve their image,” said Ruth Schubert, a spokeswoman for the Washington State Nurses Association. “It is outrageous.”

Say what?


As in, treated like chained-dogs?

Welcome to the silver stacker’s world, dear healthcare workers!

Bloomberg continues (bold added for emphasis):

Hospitals have traditionally had strict media guidelines to protect patient privacy, urging staff to talk with journalists only through official public relations offices. But the pandemic has ushered in a new era, Schubert said.

Health-care workers “must have the ability to tell the public what is really going on inside the facilities where they are caring for Covid-19 patients,” she said.

One reason is to prepare other nurses and doctors for the looming onslaught of cases and encourage donations of much-needed equipment, particularly the personal protective equipment or PPE that protects them from being infected and in turn infecting other patients as well as their families when they go home.

In the end, the good doctors are chased out, or just leave, yet many will be unable to walk away, and as the healthcare system in the United States collapses, in comes the latest dark chapter in American history, the era of nationalized healthcare in the United States.

It will be served right alongside of nationalized everything.


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