Central Bankers Are In The Process Of Banning Cash One Country At A Time

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Trump lashes out at GM and Ford and says will impose border tax if jobs are moved out of the country. Manufacturing survey is detached from the hard data, industrial production declining. Pension systems around the country are worse off than everyone realizes. Inflation hits Germany. Greece implements a soft cash ban, the central bankers are slowly banning cash one country at a time. Finland starts helicopter money drops to push spending. EU leaders are now worried that more countries are going to vote to exit the EU. Britains EU ambassador resigns before the BREXIT. The system is coming apart and the central bankers/Elite will react to save it.

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3 thoughts on “Central Bankers Are In The Process Of Banning Cash One Country At A Time

  1. After the Great Success of that operation in India ( sarcasm ) here …. It could be the remake of another disaster . Time to put in jail the proponents of this rubbish

    • Right! Liberalizing money and credit is the key to capitalism being successful for everyone but those who try and amass wealth.

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