CEO: We Will EASILY See $2000 Gold In 2020

Tom welcomes a returning and always interesting guest Frank Holmes. Frank is the CEO and Chief Investment Officer of U.S. Global Investors.

Frank discusses how the fifty and two hundred day moving averages act as essential signals for big money. When these signals cross, they start to notice since they prefer to having the wind in their sails.

Gold has recently broken through a nine-year high as the fear trade is active due to the Fed’s excessive printing. Gold will be the best currency going into 2021, and $2000 gold seems inevitable for this year.

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Frank discusses the proven manipulation in the futures market and the comments on the lack of prosecution.

Many Millenials being stuck at home have taken up trading during this pandemic. The Jets ETF has seen significant investment by this generation in recent months. It seems at least some of the Millenials are taking it upon themselves to learn and investigate markets while teaching others via various social platforms.

Time Stamp References:
0:44 – Technical and moving averages.
2:45 – China, India and the gold trade.
7:15 – Futures and commodity manipulation.
11:40 – What makes royalty companies attractive.
16:20 – Mining and socialist governments.
18:30 – Best performing commodities.
20:18 – Healthy stock eco-systems.
22:00 – Millenials taking an interest in stocks.
25:45 – Education and facts for new investors.
28:00 – Juniors and good corporate governance.



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