CHANGE: Why The Left Is So Threatened by Kanye West and Candace Owen. “

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The black bloc: Et tu, Kanye? “This sort of thing and the possibilities it suggests must be staggeringly frightening to the left. If they ever lost the black bloc of voters, or even a significant portion of that monolithic group, the left would have a great deal of trouble winning elections. That is their fear, and it is a valid one. The percentage of voters who are black has hovered around 12 to 13 percent (the higher figure during the Obama years) recently. Those voters vote overwhelmingly Democrat, to the tune of over 90%. But if you look at this chart you’ll see that it wasn’t always that way.”

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Just the other day, I remarked: “GOP strategists might profitably look at ways to jam the Democrats’ self-herding mechanisms aimed at keeping voter populations on the plantation, whether for educated suburban whites or poor blacks. Allowing even modest amounts of defection there is disastrous for the Democrats’ narrow coalition.”

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Kanye is cutting ties with his Hollywood controllers and going independent! They are going to try to make him look crazy again.

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