Channel 7 News Gets PAWNED on FB Asked for Covid Deaths but Gets Vaxxed Instead!

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This is so amazing. Read the comments before it gets deleted! Channel 7 News asked for stories from people who had an unvaxxed loved one die from covid. Nearly EVERY comment is about a vaxxed desth or vaxxed adverse reactions. THOUSANDS OF RESPONSES. Fucking brilliant! The people are awake.

Very sad comments throughout – so many people have lost loved ones due to the vaccine. Others mention fully vaccinated loved ones who died of covid.

“My daughter 33 years old died 10 days after getting the shot
She had a enlarged heart and she had a terminal lung disease pulmonary hypertension ! She shouldn’t of gotten the shot! Pfizer only first shot Bath New York.”

“I’ve lost my fully vaccinated grandfather to covid-19. He had his second dose of moderna in March and died from Covid-19, in June, 3 days after the onset of symptoms and being assured that it wouldn’t get bad, because he was vaccinated.”

“Husband diagnosed with Vestibular Neuritis after Covid shot. I am more than willing to share his story.”

“How about my grandma who died after having 2 strokes in a row after getting the shot? Nobody’s going to cover her story. And nobody will take responsibility.”

“My Dad started having problems after his first shot. But was bound and determined to get second shot. He died 5 days after second shot of a massive heart attack. He had no known heart problems before!”

“My co-worker lost her husband after the second vaccine… She got up and thought he had fallen asleep in his recliner, after a few minutes went back in and check on him again, he had passed. It was a few days after the second vaccine, she told me she is positive that it was what killed him.”

“My husband lost his grandfather 1 week after the first v. I’ve had 3 family members with sever heart disease after the V and all have had 3-4 stints put into their heart.”

“My father in law had the covid vax then had a stroke and died. They ruled out all the normal stroke causes. It was the vaccine and my husband will be reporting it to VAERS. Do a report on that!”

Excellent comment here:

“WXYZ-TV Channel 7 it sounds like you’ve just been handed a few leads. Maybe you could dig out an actual reporter and dig up some facts instead of towing the party line. Wouldn’t it feel good to actually investigate the news rather than just read the headlines you’re given?”


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