Chaos as Brexit Nears its Final and Insane Stage

Tell the EU to screw off then negotiate afterwards:

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Theresa May surely by now symbolises the phrase “bad day at the office”. This week, having spent months negotiating the deal by which Britain will leave the European Union next March, May had a gruelling five-hour meeting with her cabinet on Wednesday night. That evening, she told the nation that agreement had been reached, though with reservations. Those reservations burst into the open next morning when the minister responsible for negotiating the said deal, Dominic Raab, led a wave of resignations, as May sat for three hours in front of parliament listening to MP after MP from her own party telling her they would oppose the deal. Some called for her to resign.
Britain is now in its deepest political crisis since the second world war. May’s deal seems all but dead, as there is no viable way for it to pass through parliament. She herself still refuses to accept this. With just four months to go till “Brexit day”, and a matter of weeks before the government must initiate emergency measures in preparation for “no deal” Brexit shortages, what happens next is anyone’s guess. But a general election, a new referendum or a new Tory leader and fresh negotiations are all very serious possibilities.

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