Chappelle-Nadal Faces the Wrath of Her Own Party after Trump Assassination Post

by Mark Angelides

The Missouri Senator who said “I hope Trump is assassinated” is facing a major backlash from the Democrat party who believe that either she has really gone way too far, or are protecting their electoral chances for 2018.  Leading Dems have said that “She will either resign, or we will make that decision for her.”
Under the Missouri Constitution, there is a section that refers to penalties for lawmakers guilty of “contempt and disorderly conduct.” And this certainly falls under that category. But perhaps the worst aspect of this ever increasing omnishambles is that she steadfastly refuses to acknowledge that she has done anything wrong.
Despite MSM sources saying she has apologized, her interview with KMOX’s Carol Daniel, says otherwise:
“There is no way in hell that I’m resigning. There are legislators who have cheated on their wives; they have smoked in the legislature, in the state capitol. If they have not been asked to resign for those acts, which I do believe that cheating on your wife or your spouse is immoral, I am not resigning for a mistake that I made and that I’m owning up to.”
Here she states that she is “owning up to” her mistake, but at the beginning of the video (see below), she clearly states that “When the President apologizes, I’ll apologize. I’m not apologizing for being frustrated and angry at the bigot that we have in our White House.” is this an apology???
For once, both the Republicans and Democrats seem to be in step on something.
Missouri Democrat Chair, Stephen Webber said: “State Senator Chappelle-Nadal’s comments are indefensible. All sides need to agree that there is no room for suggestions of political violence in America – and the Missouri Democratic Party will absolutely not tolerate calls for the assassination of the President. I believe she should resign.”
And Missouri Lt. Gov. Mike Parson said on Friday:
“We had a sitting senator in the state of Missouri that asked for the president of the United States to be executed, to be assassinated. And it doesn’t matter what the last name of the president is, whether it be Trump, Obama, Clinton, Bush. The office of the presidency of the United States is much larger than anybody’s last name.”
Parson’s has made it very clear that if she does not choose to resign, then the decision will be taken away from her as they seek to expel her in September.
Chappelle-Nadal’s behavior is unfortunately not uncommon in today’s political climate. How many people in politics and the media have called for President Trump to be assassinated? It is as ridiculous as it is wrong; it shows that they have no faith in the system of Democracy and no respect for the US Constitution.


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9 thoughts on “Chappelle-Nadal Faces the Wrath of Her Own Party after Trump Assassination Post

  1. You’ll be reading about her resignation in the next day or two. Democrats won’t allow her to be used as fodder for Republicans.

  2. She was thinking she’s a protected species who can get away with anything.
    What a fool. Everyone knows there’s only one of those and she ain’t one of them.. (obviously)

  3. She will be a HERO to their base ….. who are you other commenters kidding? Look around, we are bordering on Civil War.

  4. So gittin a little on the side or smoking a cig is as bad as calling for the murder of someone? It would be interesting if she diddled a little behind her ole man’s back. As the ole saying goes, “Who’s makin love to yo ole lady, while u be out makin love”. LOL!

  5. “Chappelle-Nadal must definitely be fired!!! How dare she talk about our plan in public before the public is ready?”
    — Hitlery Clinton

  6. It always amazes me – STILL – that when a politician opens their mouth and says something stupid, everyone is so shocked.
    I mean…..REALLY!??
    What else would you expect!??? Brilliance? Something erudite or profound?
    They’re even stupider than the people that (continuously) elect them.
    Holy fuck….. There’s just no end to this country’s stupidity nor the imbeciles they’ll elect and follow.

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