Charlottesville Is All Coming Together : The Convenient Witness Has Connections To George Soros.

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by Ruby Henley
The Charlottesville Incident is beginning to come together.  The first witness to speak to the news media and to tweet about the event is Brennan Gilmore.  He was presented as an accidental witness, but who is he really?
Here is his first tweet:
Brennan Gilmore, a 38-year-old Charlottesville resident who came Saturday to oppose the white nationalists, was filming his friends demonstrating three blocks away from the park when he noticed a gray car drive past.
Mr. Gilmore turned his camera in time to see the car slow as it approached the counterprotesters and then suddenly speed up, ramming into the car in front of it and the crowd itself.
“Bodies went flying — up onto the hood of the car and into the air,” Mr. Gilmore said. “It was horrifying.”
Mr. Gilmore continued filming as the gray car backed up quickly to escape the scene. After the car left, Mr. Gilmore ran over to help provide first aid to some of the injured.
“The violence and hatred in our society is out of control. We like to think that it’s better than places like Africa and Asia, but it’s not,” said Mr. Gilmore, who worked in Africa as a U.S. State Department foreign service officer before leaving to manage the campaign of Tom Perriello for Virginia governor earlier this year. “I’m worried.”
Now, who is Tom Perriello?
Democrat Tom Perriello’s fundraising haul of $2.2 million in the first three months of 2017, the highest among all candidates in Virginia’s governor’s race, was powered in part by several six-figure checks from outside the state, including $385,000 from billionaire investor George Soros and his sons and $200,000 from a New York-based nonprofit Perriello co-founded a decade ago.
Perriello’s second-largest contribution was the $250,000 from Soros, a major liberal donor viewed by the right as a shadowy benefactor behind a wide variety of left-wing causes such as the Center for American Progress, the liberal think tank Perriello worked for after leaving Congress. Perriello received an additional $125,000 from Alexander Soros and $10,000 from Jonathan Soros, who, like their father, have a history of contributing to progressive and Democratic endeavors.
MSN interviewed Gilmore and established his connection to Tom Perriello.
Brennan Gilmore, a former staffer for gubernatorial candidate Tom Perriello, filmed the panic at Water and Fourth streets in downtown Charlottesville. His 45-second cellphone video captured the gray Dodge Challenger with Ohio plates racing toward the crowd — hitting it, then reversing away with a damaged windshield and front end.
“He slowed down, targeted the crowd and slammed on the gas. Bodies went flying everywhere,” Gilmore told USA TODAY. “We all started running to give first aid, but then he backed up and I thought he might make another run at the crowd.”
The video captures screaming and the shocked crowd as at least nine people were injured. Those nearby can be heard shouting “Medic!” as the crowd flees to get clear of the car and eventually chase it down.
Gilmore called the crash “deliberate terrorism” and said he shared the video with police and media.
OK, we see the connection from the first witness, who arrived on the scene in Charlottesville, interviewed by MSN – to the man who ran for governor of Virginia, Tom Perriello – to George Soros and his son Alex Soros.
There is the major piece of the Charlottesville puzzle.  It is the connection to the first witness on the scene interviewed and his connection to George Soros.
It is also being reported by sources such as Allen West that Alex Fields was scared to death, and his car was first attacked by Black Lives Matter before he sped up.  There is a video that has surfaced to show this.
Here is a video made of Trump supporters being assaulted.
The video is courtesy of GATEWAY PUNDIT, and it shows the way Trump supporters have been treated from the beginning.  It plainly shows the violent ANTIFA.
Here is a new video which has emerged, and it shows how Alex Fields was attacked by BLM and Antifa before he became afraid and sped up.  

In this article, it is asked “where were the police?”
At a Sunday morning press conference, Governor Terry McAuliffe defended the police, and claimed that nothing could have been done to prevent “car terrorism.”  Others disagreed, and argued that police should have done more to separate the combatants during the morning riot (here, here, here, and here.)  Photographic coverage of the event was extensive.
After the riot, reports began to circulate that there was a police stand-down.  Infowars reporter Millie Weaver claims that a police officer admitted to her that the mayor had given a stand-down order.  Doug McKelway told Fox News viewers that police left the scene when tear gas from the protestors began to fly:
“But when the tear gas started to fly, thrown by protesters, the police themselves began to evacuate then.  I asked the guy who was in charge, ‘Where are you going?’  He said, ‘We’re leaving. It’s too dangerous.’  They had a chance to nip this thing in the bud and they chose not to.”
Breitbart reports that a city official denied this in an email:
“When asked whether orders were given on Saturday for police to stand down, Charlottesville Director of Communications Miriam Dickler told Breitbart News in an email that ‘no stand down orders were given on Saturday.’ ”
However, details of the city’s tactical strategy began to emerge in a New York Times report from Sheryl Gay Stolberg.  Stolberg reported that:  
Brian Moran, Virginia’s secretary of public safety and homeland security, was watching the events from a command post on the sixth floor of a Wells Fargo bank on the downtown mall.  There were sporadic fights. ‘I compare it to hockey,’ he said.  ‘Often in hockey there are sporadic fights, and then they separate.’
Suddenly, people were throwing water bottles, some filled with urine.  Some used pepper spray; from his perch on the sixth floor, Mr. Moran saw smoke bombs being thrown.  People started clubbing one another.  The clergy retreated to a ‘safe house’ — a restaurant nearby.
Finally, Moran decided he had seen enough, and he called Governor McAuliffe at 11:22 a.m. and advised the governor to shut down the event.  By 11:35 a.m., a tweet from Charlottesville City Hall had declared the legal rally an unlawful assembly, and Governor McAuliffe had declared a state of emergency.  The legal demonstrators were ordered to disperse.
According to Stolberg:
Asked why the police did not do more to control the brawling, Mr. Moran said, ‘It was a volatile situation and it’s unfortunate people resorted to violence.’
‘But,’ he said, ‘from our plan, to ensure the safety of our citizens and property, it went extremely well.’
Moran’s admissions to Stolberg establish that city officials had strategized about possible outcomes and had decided to permit some level of violence, with a heckler’s veto ready and waiting to shut it down.
In a public statement, UTR organizer Jason Kessler claims:
We networked with law enforcement officials and safety arrangements were made months ago, but despite this, the Charlottesville Police Department not only failed to act per the plan but exacerbated the violence: they did not separate the demonstrators and counter-demonstrators, they were poorly underequipped for the situation, they stood idly by when violent counter-protesters attacked the participants of the rally and then they forced our demonstrators out of Lee Park and into a melee with Antifa.
Moran’s and Kessler’s statements suggest that city officials actually implemented a plan separate from the safety plan they negotiated with Kessler.  Was Kessler set up for violence?
I am going to close this article with the following video tweet that also shows how the vehicle of Alex Fields’ was assaulted before he sped forward and behind killing one person and injuring 19 others.

In my opinion the rally was setup from the beginning for violence and to  possibly start a civil war in this Country .  In the end, the Far Left will do everything it can to oust President Trump and destroy America.

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35 thoughts on “Charlottesville Is All Coming Together : The Convenient Witness Has Connections To George Soros.

  1. “In my opinion the rally was setup from
    the beginning for violence and to possibly start a civil war in this
    Country . In the end, the Far Left…”
    The far left in the USA, looks a lot like the far right in Ukraine…
    Inside the Kiev Coup and Civil War…look familiar?
    “…there are two groups, a peaceful one and another that is itching for a fight, they’re filling bottles to make molotov cocktails to attack the police…”
    News Team: Inside Kiev Coup (E2)
    News Team: Reporting from Kiev, Geneva, Moscow (E3)
    News Team: Moscow hostage situation & Kiev warzone (E4)
    News Team: Kiev frontline & Geneva tension (E5)
    News Team: On the ground in Kiev, Geneva, Moscow (E6)
    News Team: From Moscow newsdesk to Kiev inferno (E7)
    News Team: Ukraine barricades & Geek Picnic (E8)

    • I am getting ready to do an article on Brennan Gilmore. The Left has put together the absolute perfect setup for the Right in Charlottesville, and it involved murder, violence, and conspiracy, It is all about ousting President Trump. Thanks to the MSM being front and center, Gilmore was interviewed immediately. What really exposed the truth was the interview with msnbc, which has disappeared but is on video. He was identified as working for the State Dept. That began the delving by many alt-right into his history. If not for the msm, we would not be witnessing the setup by the Left to trap the Right. Yes, the world is at war, and the Left and Right are the players. The Left is New World Order and Soros. The Right is still the sovereign countries fighting to stay that way. Trump is leading that call for sovereignty. if we do not shout this setup in Charlottesville to the world, Trump may end up being ousted. It is so strange to realize what is standing between the Right’s quest for sovereignty could be this one incident and getting it out to the world. If we fail to spread this setup news to the far corners of the globe, Trump will be ousted by the Left. BUT WHAT THEY HAVE DONE IN CHARLOTTESVILLE IS BEYOND THE PALE AND GOES INTO SUCH EVIL MANIPULATION THAT IT MUST INVOLVE THE NEW WORLD ORDER. We must get this out to the public. The equation is: BRENNAN GILMORE – CHARLOTTESVILLE – TOM PERIELLO – BARACK OBAMA- GEORGE SOROS – NEW WORLD ORDER. WE have proof, but we must make it front and center in the news.

    • Indeed — proves once more that it’s not “left” vs. “right”, it’s the corruptocracy (Bush/Clinton/McCain/Schumer/…) vs. the people.
      The violent groups are on the side of the corruptocracy and have infiltrated both the left and the right.

  2. It isn’t the “far left” — Bernie Sanders supporters who hate Hitlery don’t tend to be violent.
    It’s the Clinton/Bush crime families and their supporters (who are neither “left” nor “right” — they’re plain old “corrupted” and will take on “left” or “right” attitudes whenever it serves their agenda).
    And you can be sure they have their agents on both sides — you can’t start the violence if one side remains completely peaceful. They made sure their people on one side attacked, and their people on the other side fought back.

      • I know a number of them — they hate Hitlery because of her warmongering, and obviously wouldn’t support a Hitlery-approved war or civil war of any kind.

    • “Donald Trump would be a disaster for the US. The cornerstone of his campaign is bigotry. I’m going to do my best to make sure Hillary Clinton is elected president” – Bernie Sanders Oct. 2016
      I concede that he may have not have “done his best”, and tried sabotaging her instead…he can be forgiven for not wanting to confront the deep state.
      Dennis Kucinich: “Deep State Trying To Destroy Trump Presidency”

      • My impression of Bernie Sanders (which might be wrong, but I don’t think it is) is that he is a (mostly) good guy who is severely misguided on a few issues. [The same goes for most of his supporters.]
        I think he is fully in with the plan to create a global government (which is why he thinks anyone who is against that is a bigot and a catastrophe), but unlike the likes of Hitlery, Bush or McCain, he wants to make it a global government for the people, not for the corruptocracy.
        He is too naive to realize that the corruptocracy will never allow that – if there is a global government, it will most definitely be one that serves the banksters and politicians, not one that serves the people.
        He thinks everyone (even Hitlery) is just like himself and wants to do what they think is right – not what they think is most profitable for them and their cronies.
        I prefer Kucinich (who I think is pretty much in line with Sanders on most issues – but unlike him, he sees through the deep state’s ploys and knows Hitlery is the one who would have been the biggest thinkable disaster), but I’d certainly prefer Sanders over the likes of Hitlery, Pelosi, Schumer, McCain, Bush or Obama.

          • First of all, I disagree – what he’s saying sounds more like a socialist European country like Sweden or Denmark than like the Soviet Union, and while a step in that direction, they’re really not all that alike.
            Second, even if you were right, what the likes of Hitlery Clinton, Dick Cheney and John McCain want to build is a global dictatorship that is constantly at war, tortures its opponents, steals from the people to give to Wall Street and the Federal Reserve, force-vaccinates and chips the people, and worse.
            It’s a tough choice and I’d likely revolt against either, but I’m pretty sure that just between those 2 options, the Soviet Union is preferable.

  3. Happy this is coming to light. I didn’t know about this but the first thing I commented on was how ‘conveniently’ this guy was positioned to see the entire incident. Something felt fishy, having knowledge that staged events have happened before, quite often.
    This was a complete setup. Now they’re getting better at controlling more of the narrative by bringing in (their own) supporting evidence.
    I had a huge blowup with my mom last night about how her and my sister are scared to death and think Trump is a closet Nazi and hates America so he’s trying to destroy it. I am so sick and tired of listening to people who only accept what the talking heads tell them is reality. They buy this crap hook, line and sinker and support it by what they see on FB as well as other people around them who refuse to do some researching for themselves.

    • Always funny and sad at the same time to hear people assuming Hitlery Clinton, the worst warmonger in the world who has never seen a war she didn’t like, and who is quite possibly more evil than Hitler (did Hitler ever say “we came, we saw, he died!” and laugh after winning a battle with lots of civilians murdered?), would have brought about a peaceful country and world peace…
      I’m not a Trump fan (if he were good, we’d be out of Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria by now), but I have no doubts that he was the less bad choice.

      • When you mention “we came, we saw, he died,” I will never be as shocked as I was when I saw her saying this on national television. I remember thinking how ruthless and cold she had portrayed herself to be before the eyes of the world. But I wonder how many were truly listening?

        • Apparently nobody. I’ve just returned from a business trip to Germany, just about everyone there thinks Hitlery would have been a lot better and was totally amazed at what I had to say about her when they expected me to apologize for Trump or something. They simply had no idea what she really stands for because the media refused to cover it (and not that many Germans read English language alternative media – German language alternative media seem to be preoccupied with exposing Merkel and friends without covering much of what’s really going on here).
          The rest of the world seems to be even more indoctrinated with Clinton propaganda than the CNN watchers here. Makes me wonder if Merkel is Hitlery’s long lost twin sister. They don’t just look alike, they act alike.

          • You just made me think of something. I will be posting a mural photo which looks like Obama, Jeb Bush, and Angela Merkel. It is amazing.

          • This mural is at the Bank of America building in Charlotte NC. If you look at the lower left hand side you can plainly see it is Jeb Bush, and Obama. I am not sure who the woman is, but I think it may be Angela Merkel. I thin the figure of the blond boy/man to the right is Donald Trump. The coat is too big, because it represents the fact he became President, and the job is harder than he first thought. It brings me questions with it. It was painted in years past. How did the artist foresee what was to come? Most think the depiction of the eclipse is the eclipse we are going to see in a few days. It is interesting to say the least.

    • They said the polls had Hillary winning by a landslide. It was the opposite.
      Today they say the polls show Trump is losing support. So why all the hysteria?
      Black Woman Completely Annihilates Leftist Charlottesville Narrative
      Arizona Police Officer: I Felt Safe with Trump Supporters, but Protesters Were Profane, Dangerous

    • I think one has to question intent. Did he intend to do harm to others? Did he intend to save his own life? It is one or the other. As we can see from the video he was attacked before he made the run into the crowd. There were other cars moving down the street ahead of him, so why was Brennan Gilmore just focusing on the Fields car? How did Gilmore know it was intentional? Nevertheless, Fields had either intent to kill, or he had intent to save his own life. Did he have motive to murder, basically commit a terrorist act in his own backyard? How will the prosecutors get this information? If this was a setup by the Left and George Soros to trap the Right, then those who conspired in this intentionally caused harm to those there that day. The certainly falls in the lap of Kessler, who organized the whole thing. It was a trap from day one. The police had been working with Kessler beforehand, and the fact that they did not do anything to prevent bloodshed is also intentional. It goes both ways. We know Gilmore has ties to Soros, and what is the goal of Soros? We all know he INTENDS to destroy Western civilization. He has an evil and ruthless history. Although he is a Jew, he and his father turned others Jews in to the Nazis during World War II. He loved doing it, as he said so. This man only wants power over life and death, and he has enough money to pay to haul protestors in when he deems it necessary to kill off citizens in his plot to destroy America. We all know it. There is no use in anyone denying what George Soros intends to do with his money and the time he has left on this earth.

      • Well said . There MUST be enough info out in the public NOW to indict Soros and his NGO heads as Domestic and International Terrorist. Since he doesn’t, and Soros is a direct Threat to Trump, our Country, and Western Civilization, I have to assume Sessions is dirty also.

    • George Soros is a Jew, and I blame him for this entire incident. It can be traced straight to him, and I am compiling articles that prove that. I have already proven it in one article, but the coming article will be extensive. I have archived all the proof, and there will be no fighting against it.

      • G-d bless and protect you Sista. Max out your insurance policies. Perhaps even have one made out to a trusted friend to continue your work if they wack you or you succumb to “Natural Causes”.

  4. Check out Infowars, you may not like it, but it worth the research into whether it is true or not.
    In addition it looks like Jason Kessler, the planner of this rally is/was a Soros stooge. Di I’d say it most likely is planed and paid for by the Agency with Soros’ assistance. Who pays for the chartered bus who hauls these Domestic terrorist around?
    If Sessions is real he’d indict Soros and his NGO heads as Domestic and International Terrorist!

      • I give Trump a 80/20 chance of bein controlled opposition. However he is standing up and Speaking Truth to Power and putting on one heck of a good show. So I will support him to da end. Make sure if you have a RePug Congressman or Senator you call their office and demand he support the President instead of the globalist. With McMaster’s purging ALL Anti-Globalist I’d say we have lost. But never give up!
        . for US Senate, Kentucky, 2020, Ditch da Mitch
        No BANKSTER, PoliTick, Judge, Crony Corporate Fascist too Big to JAIL or Impeach!

        • We are certainly in tune, and I participate in a Republican survey system. They started calling me during the 2016 election to question me about President Trump. They ask me questions every week. They want to know how I feel about his every move…lol. So I actually get the chance to speak to the party, and it is not a recording.

          • Great, tell them to git Sessions to do his job and start indicting people. And if Trump is 10% as corrupt as Obama and Clinton, indict him too! As it is now I support Trump 100%!

          • Thanks, My computer runs to slow for U-Tube. The title sure sways it all. Please pray Trump is real and not controlled opposition. And if real, that he does NOT git JFKed or Brietbarted!

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