Chart of tech companies’ valuations from seed to IPO, dot-com boom to now

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Valuation from seed to IPO


Source with a lot of interesting charts: Uber Is Going Public: How Today’s Tech I.P.O.s Differ From the Dot-Com Boom

Not since the dot-com boom have so many richly valued tech companies gone public in such short succession: Lyft and Pinterest are now trading shares, and soon Slack, WeWork and Palantir are expected to follow.

But this crop of tech companies is markedly different from those that came up during the late 1990s.

Many rode the rise of mobile connectivity and cloud computing in the last decade to multibillion-dollar valuations. They are more mature, having spent years as private companies building their businesses. But a number remain deeply unprofitable, and the time they spent in the private markets, increasing in size and value, has ultimately raised questions about where they go from here.


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