Chase Fraud Alert: Be Careful Out There

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by dleonard1122

I’m embarrassed but figure I should post this to hopefully help someone else out.

This afternoon I was watching football and got a text message from Chase.

FreeMsg: Chase Sapphire Fraud Dept. Did you attempt $887.60 at Walmart Super Center BAL  with card xXXXX? Reply YES or NO.To Opt Out reply STOP

I’ve gotten messages like this before when our credit card had been skimmed, so I replied no and then immediately got a call from “The Chase Security Center.”

You can see how this goes, and I’m ashamed I didn’t see it coming. They didn’t ask for my password or social, but they did ask my unique security question with Chase. With that and my account number, I believe they were able to link something with Google Wallet and start making actual fraudulent charges.

Anyway, I figure out my mistake when I actually called Chase back and they had no record of the first call. This would all have been avoided if I had taken the advice I’ve heard here multiple times of making sure that you are the one who initiates the call.

So far I’ve changed my online password at my banks and email. I set up a fraud alert at Trans-Union which should also initiate fraud alerts at the other two credit reporting bureaus. What else should I be doing to protect myself from further identity theft?

Edit: Just to be safe, I went a froze my credit with all 3 bureaus. We just closed on our house this year so luckily I shouldn’t have many credit checks upcoming. Freezing shouldn’t be much of a hasssle for how much security it buys me.


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