Chicago Mayor Beetlejuice Pushes for Free Monthly Money for 5,000 Families… Chicago’s Debt Over $48.5 Billion. While employers are begging

While employers are begging people to get back to work, the Mayor of Chicago isn’t helping. Instead of stopping payments to people in the city, she wants to continue the giveaway with free money for those she considers “low income.” Don’t we have food stamps, welfare and just about every other freebie known to man?

Mayor Lori Lightfoot is proposing free monthly money for “low-income” households in Chicago that will cost the city $31.5 million monthly. She said it’s the “biggest” program of its kind in the country. Universal basic income has been introduced in some cities in California where the residents are paid for breathing. Work is not necessary. It’s also known as socialism.

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During her budget speech on Monday, Lightfoot said the freebie money giveaway will be the “first-of-its-kind pilot in Chicago of a monthly cash assistance program for hard-hit, low-income households in need of additional economic stability.”


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