Chicago Pensions Will Be CUT! Completely Underfunded and IMPOSSIBLE To Ever Pay Back!

Do you believe that pensions will be CUT in Illinois?


If you are located in Chicago, or Illinois for that matter, and you think you will get your pension one day, I have a newsflash for you. The system is so overburdened and indebted that the only possible solution the government can provide to rescue it will be to slash payments. There is no possible way this can continue, particularly following the next recession. It is mathematically impossible.


Chicago-debt-double-G1.png (1153×1061)

Chicago-debt-double-G2.png (778×597)

Chicago-credit-rating-Wirepoints.png (648×800)

Markets-up-as-Chicago-UL-worsens.png (696×350)

Chicago-pension-funded-ratios-Wirepoints.png (696×414)

Chicago-UL-vs-revenues-Wirepoints.png (607×588)

Chicagoan-debt-burden-v-other-cities-Wirepoints.png (686×420)

Moody’s: Illinois pension debt-to-revenue ratio hits all-time high for any state

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