Child “Overdosed” with a Triple Shot of COVID Vaccine at New Hampshire School Clinic

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16-Year Old “Overdosed” with a Triple Shot of COVID Vaccine at Local School Clinic

Received anonymously, this is the dispatch call request for an ambulance to transport a 16-year-old female (student). The reason for the emergency? This student somehow received a triple dose of the COVID19 Vaccine.

Sick person, alpha level, 5 Academy Drive. The New Hampton School health Center.

We do not have any more details at this time…

Why all the secrecy?
A little outrage is in order. The source dispatch audio is from 9-15-21, and we’re just hearing about it now? There are no news stories about it two and a half months later that I can find, so we’re not just talking about a dangerous medical accident related to the biggest story of the past year. No one appears to have covered it…

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A triple dose of COVID19 Vaccine.

What happened to this girl?

We never heard about this. Is she one of the kids killed by The Jab in New Hampshire, something the virus has never done in the nearly two years of this madness?

…We’re fishing for whistleblowers, and we’ll follow up if and when we learn more.

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Is Your State Bribing Schools to Play Vaccine Roulette with Your Kids?

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