Children are being “gassed” with carbon dioxide due to mask mandates, warns medical journal

by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) Forcing schoolchildren to “mask up” in order to get an education is a form of toxic chemical “gassing” that is resulting in many of them developing serious health problems – including physical, mental and emotional illness.

A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that German schoolchildren who are forced to wear a mask all day long are inhaling at least 300 percent more CO2 than is legally allowed, putting them at serious risk of hypoxia, or oxygen deprivation.

The mask-wearing children who were evaluated as part of the research reported irritability, headaches and a “reluctance to go to school,” all of which “can be understood as consequences of elevated carbon dioxide levels in inhaled air,” the paper explains.

The “dead-space volume of the masks … collects exhaled carbon dioxide quickly after a short time,” the paper further highlights, noting that “impairments attributable to hypercapnia” are the end result of mask mandates – hypercapnia is when too much CO2 builds up in the bloodstream.

It is important to note that for study purposes, the schoolchildren were only required to wear a series of masks for 15 minutes at a time. In real life, of course, they are expected to wear a mask for many hours at a time all throughout the school day.

Researchers looked at KN95 respirators and surgical masks to see how they affected 45 otherwise healthy children between 6-17 years of age living in southwest Germany. The room in which they were evaluated was “well-ventilated several times” for each experiment to ensure that CO2 content in the air was kept below 0.1 percent by volume.

The first three-minute measurement gauged “baseline” unmasked CO2 levels, followed by another three-minute interval that looked at “joint inhaled and exhaled air.”

German law prohibits anything more than 0.2 percent, or 2,000 ppm (parts per million) of CO2 in an enclosed room occupied by children. The children who measured having the lowest CO2 levels caused by mask-wearing, however, clocked in at three times this amount.

In one instance, a seven-year-old measured 25,000 ppm under the mask, showing that face coverings do, in fact, deprive the wearer of oxygen. This, in turn, can lead to brain damage and other health problems.

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Scientists worry that reporting facts will make others call them “anti-maskers”

Several of the study’s authors worry that reporting their findings will make them outcasts within the scientific community. Johns Hopkins University (JHU) epidemiologist Stefan Baral, for instance, asked fellow epidemiologist Tracy Hoeg if sharing this information “make[s] me an anti-masker?”

Hoeg responded that, in her opinion, the study’s findings do not necessarily implicate high CO2 levels as the cause of the health damage because the research did not include a comparative “unmasked baseline group by age.”

Ironically, the fact that the effects of children wearing a mask was never evaluated in comparison with them not wearing a mask before mask mandates became a thing just goes to show that mask mandates are bogus to begin with and have no basis in real science.

“One year later and no one has shown that asking kids to wear masks works!” tweeted Vinay Prasad, a University of California San Francisco epidemiologist who helped coauthor the paper.

“U.S. CDC recommends masking from 2 years to 5 years – they need to do a trial to prove it. I bet it will fail,” Prasad added.

A German judge already ruled that mask mandates are illegal, by the way. Why, then, is this whole charade still taking place, both there in Germany and here in the United States?

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