China Allow People With High “Social Credit Score” to Board the Subway First

China’s total­i­tar­i­an “social cred­it sys­tem,” which rates the qual­i­ty of an individual’s cit­i­zen­ship based on every­thing from their finan­cial cred­it rat­ing to how fer­vent­ly they embrace Com­mu­nist Par­ty dog­ma, will now deter­mine who gets to board sub­way trains first.
“Bad” cit­i­zens are required to wait in line and endure extra secu­ri­ty has­sles while “good” cit­i­zens are giv­en pri­or­i­ty boarding.
China’s state-run Glob­al Times described the social cred­it board­ing sys­tem as a “smart mea­sure” to make com­mut­ing more effi­cient. It will be test­ed at “sev­er­al sta­tions” on the Bei­jing sub­way line for an unspec­i­fied peri­od of time, according …

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