China approves FOUR new covid vaccines for emergency use in 2 days

‘Four new COVID-19 vaccines were approved for emergency use in the Chinese mainland, including three recombinant protein-based vaccines, as well as a nasal spray influenza virus vector vaccine, and sources told the Global Times that the authorities are considering a fourth dose.

SinoCellTech, Clover Biophamaceuticals, Wantai BioPharm and WestVac Biopharms announced the approval of their vaccines for emergency use in the mainland. Among them, the vaccine developed by Wantai is the first nasal spray vaccine in the world to be approved for clinical trials, reports said.

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Together with the four newly approved ones, there are a total of 12 COVID-19 vaccines available in China, including five inactivated vaccines, four recombinant protein vaccines, one adenovirus shot, one recombinant novel coronavirus vaccine for inhalation and one nasal spray influenza virus vector vaccine, according to a report by Caijing magazine on Tuesday.’


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