China: Canadian Lawmakers and Scholar Express “Serious Concerns” About WHO’s Relationship with the CCP

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Canadian Lawmakers and Scholar Express “Serious Concerns” About WHO and Its Relationship with the Chinese Communist Party

( Several Canadian lawmakers have expressed serious concerns about the relationship between the World Health Organization (WHO) and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in the handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Canadian media CBC, the conservative leader Andrew Scheer said on April 15 that “We’ve got serious concerns about the accuracy of the information coming out of the WHO.”

Scheer said he has reservations about the WHO’s track record during the pandemic, especially its initial claim that the virus did not spread between people and its warning against closing borders to China.

“We’ve seen examples of how the communist, autocratic, human rights-abusing government of China has had an inordinate effect on the WHO. There’s evidence of suppressing information, not being open and transparent about the number of cases. Those are very concerning,” Scheer told CBC.

Scheer also said that he was disappointed that Bruce Aylward, a Canadian epidemiologist who visited China earlier this year and hung up on a Hong Kong reporter when asked about Taiwan, suddenly canceled his testimony to a House of Commons health committee meeting on April 14.

Scheer said to CBC, “I’m disappointed that World Health Organization officials have declined the invitation from the House of Commons health committee to testify. Many concerns have been raised about the accuracy of the World Health Organization’s data, the influence that China has on the World Health Organization.”

He questioned whether the government should still rely on information provided by the WHO in making its decisions to fight the pandemic.



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