China “CFR” Think Tank Article- “We must exploit the Democrats!”

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A Chinese think tank (same as CFR as what they say becomes official China policy, see 3:28 of the video) states Why China must win over America’s Left Wing.

Note the word “win over” not “cozy up” – win over, meaning buy them into CCP Payroll.

At 0:49 of the video, article talks about how CCP looks down on America’s left (calls them “China knowers” in disdain) and states that they are “useful tool” to exploit for China’s rise.

At 0:59
 of the video, the article states: “after all, if not for the CLINTON government’s policy to engage China in the 1990s (thank you Clinton, another ‘great’ contribution from those two)….how could China have had such a nice outside environment for economic growth?”

This is a blatant exhibition of their looking down in disdain toward Democrats. The article itself states how the Dem libtards are naive and arrogantly thought the US engagement with China will eventually help the CCP regime to embrace more liberal democratic values. The CCP officials knew it back then – and exploited it to their advantage


At 1:22, the article adds that

They (US Leftists) had drawn the wrong conclusions…it’s exactly their naivety that we (CCP) took advantage of and won over opportunities for our own development and reduced the resistance to our (China’s) uprising“.

Let that sink in.

Chinese CCP folks themselves stating how stupid American libtards are, how they exploited them and how they want more of the same for the next 2020 elections.

Remember, in Chinese culture (or Asian culture in general), stooping down is a show of submission rather than an act of kindness. Stooping down means you submit to that authority. What they respect is authority.

Remember the diplomatic-snub China gave to Obama where he had to get off from the cargo-side/back-side of Airforce One? They did not even prepare a rolling staircase for him to get off the plane! That indicated their disdain towards Obama. It was a symbolism because a) he was African American and b) a puppet for them– which needn’t warrant a reception from their President as equal leaders, rather they send their VP and told Obama to get off from the back off the plane; whereas all the other heads-of-state received the red carpet treatment. And don’t forget Obama’s Chinese sister – Maya Soetoro-Ng. Don’t let that man’s African roots mislead you.

So even after the coronavirus outbreak, even after all this – if you want your jobs to go permanently, if you want that increased surveillance state ala CCP style, vote-in Dems.

So now you know that China’s backing is for Beijing Biden.



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