China claimed local zero-infection, Japanese media reveal fakes, Alleged that the test stop after the visit of Xi to Wuhan

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The National Health Commission of the Mainland claims that 39 new cases of Wuhan pneumonia were confirmed the day before yesterday, but all of them were imported from abroad. There have been no new confirmed cases in China for two consecutive days. However, Japanese media Kyodo News quoted Wuhan doctors as saying that authorities had suspended some tests, official figures were unreliable, and a second wave of outbreaks appeared at any time.

The doctor quoted by Kyodo News Agency said that the Chinese Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping had visited Wuhan earlier, and the number of local diagnoses of Wuhan pneumonia was officially “manipulated.” Many symptomatic patients were suddenly released without isolation for less than 14 days, as a sign of “Xi Jinping’s government successfully repelled the epidemic.” The doctor also pointed out that the method of detecting patients with fever and other symptoms has been simplified, and it is not allowed to continue using blood tests to check whether the patients are completely cured. Therefore, “a large number of suspected patients return to society without completing treatment.” The doctor emphasized that “the government’s records cannot be believed” and he was worried that another wave of outbreaks would occur. Another Wuhan doctor also tweeted that “the hospital also suspends the admission of patients and started a 14-day vacation.” She said: “I have been emphasizing with people around me that if the seal is unblocked, it only means that you have to go to work, not any Other meanings. ”

The three largest Australian media outlets also reprinted an article by Jamie Seidel, “Is it credible to reduce the number of viruses in China? (Can China’s shrinking virus numbers be trusted)> article, referring to Xi Jinping ’s close relative Chen Yixin, who was based in Wuhan in February, but Chen had no medical background at all. He only had the background of “comprehensive management of social order” and “propaganda reports and public opinion guidance”. This shows the intention of the (CCP). “China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs rebuked the article yesterday, stating that” suspicion and smearing do not help prevent and control the epidemic. ”

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The epidemic-stricken area in Hubei Province was cleared for two consecutive days, but at least two communities in Wuhan posted notices online saying there were at least six confirmed cases in the area. A report entitled “Wudian Community Epidemic Situation Report of Jiufeng Street in Wuhan” was circulated on the Internet yesterday. The table listed “as of 17:00 on March 18, 2020, five confirmed patients in the Wangdian community were admitted to the hospital. Five patients with coronavirus infection were admitted to the hospital. ” It is reported that the outbreak report is calculated daily. Our reporter called the Jiufeng Street Wangdian Community Residents Committee to inquire whether there were five confirmed cases of Wangdian Community recently admitted to the hospital, and the other party immediately responded “No!” Continued: “Where did you hear?” The other party reiterated “No (diagnosed case admission)” then hung up.

In addition, the Hanjiadun Comprehensive Community also issued a notice yesterday saying that there was another new case in Lishui Kangcheng District, calling on the public to go out less, wear masks and wash their hands frequently. A local Wuhan resident Yu Weibo said: “There are still many suspicions. In fact, it is a confirmed diagnosis, but the newspaper is not allowed. The community does not want to bear this responsibility, and everything is back to January. There is no change at all.” The newspaper called Inquiries, the official denied that there were new cases. In addition, there have been more than 100 confirmed diagnoses at Tongji Hospital in the local area, but no evidence can be obtained.

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Scholars: CCP Will Conceal Second Wave of Epidemics

Current affairs commentator Liu Ruishao told this newspaper that he did not believe in official figures. He said that the current official trend is to resume work and resume production, and zero local numbers will help create an atmosphere. He also believes that there are currently no local cases, but only imported cases, which will help China fight propaganda wars and whitewash China from an epidemic-exporting country into a victim of the epidemic. Finally, he also believes that the zeroing of local data will also help the society to praise Xi Jinping, and Xi can be used to combat political opponents. Liu believes that even if the second outbreak in China is not as public as the Wuhan outbreak, it will be included in other unknown cases in an attempt to hide the day, and believe that the real data will be firmly controlled in the official hands.



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