China Closes Russia Border, Puts New City Into Wuhan-style Lockdown To Contain Pandemic

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Chinese authorities closed its land border with Russia and placed Suifenhe, a city in the northernmost Heilongjiang province, into lockdown on Wednesday after the Asian country experienced a surge of imported coronavirus cases.

The COVID-19 outbreak was first identified in Wuhan, Hubei last December, before it then rapidly spread to nearly every corner of the globe. Beijing’s aggressive containment methods have drastically slowed the virus’ impact domestically in recent weeks, with official cases plummeting and a significant portion of new cases being imported from outside the country. However, a recent outbreak in Heilongjiang has prompted Chinese officials to close its land border with Russia to keep coronavirus-infected individuals entering from the neighboring nation.

The Chinese embassy in Moscow on Wednesday night announced the temporary closure of all land border points of entry for individuals traveling between the mainland and Russia, according to the country’s state-run CCTV. The embassy did not indicate when the checkpoints would be reopened for the two nations that share a roughly 2,672-mile-long border.

China and Russia are such close allies.

Through out most of the theories starting now.

This is a plague.



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