China GDP Drops to the Floor at 1.67%! Report Reveals Widespread Slowdown in China!

What has China been up to exactly? Their economy has notably slowed down as confirmed by unofficial as well as official statistics. Now a new report has surfaced which estimates extremely slow growth even by global standards. Don’t worry about it getting around though. China has completely censored it from their internet. GDP growth problem solved.

Nervous markets: how vulnerable is China’s economy?

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IHS Markit PMI™ on Twitter: “Final Eurozone Services #PMI comes in at 51.2, slightly below flash reading of 51.4 (November: 53.4), pointing to slowest growth in over four years. Germany, France and Italy record notably laggard #PMI prints. Q4 PMI numbers are consistent with growth at around 0.3%qoq.…

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