China Has Basically Bought Israel Out

by Chris Black

The Zionist right is ringing alarm bells that this could significantly weaken or split world Jewry. 

Netanyahu is taking the heat for the bind Israel is in. 

This past March, months before Netanyahu’s ouster, China signed a $400 billion agreement with Iran that altered the correlation of forces in the Middle East. That pact more or less guaranteed that Tehran could resist Western sanctions because it gave them a reliable market for the sale of their oil. The massive Chinese investment in Iranian infrastructure, which dwarfs the money they spent in Israel, as well as the prospect of even greater cooperation between the two countries decisively, strengthened the major regional threat to Israeli security.”  LOL!

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Here’s another interesting piece on why Washington decided to ship all of its manufacturing to China.

In the 1980s Japan was rapidly growing in power and influence and they feared it would challenge US influence in Asia first chance they got.

The Reagan administration had US companies outsource everything to low wage nations (such as China) in order to undercut Japanese manufacturing.


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