China has built 7 Islands in the sea and have built MANY empty ghost towns, all for POWER?

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It is scary how forceful they have become. Surrounding countries are feeling this, and America may loose a well traveled shipping route, in part, thanks to Obummer’s verbal warning, instead of action.

Geopolitics of the South China Sea
A lot is riding on #SouthChinaSea dispute, including rights overs docking, patrol, trade, natural gas – all contributing to the design for #Hegemony.

BAKU – At least 3.4 trillion USD worth of trade passes through the South China Sea annually, accounting for a third of the global maritime trade. In various parts of the sea, there is the promise of crude oil and natural gas beneath the seabed, while other areas hold rich fishing grounds. But, the sea is also loaded with distinct hazards and chokepoints such as straits, reefs, smugglers, secessionists, and so on. On top of everything are the political boundaries of the nearby coastal states. No fewer than seven countries have maritime claims in the South China Sea, each overlapping the other. But, one nation, in particular, makes the most daring claim. The People’s Republic of China not only disputes the waters of each of its neighbours but in doing so it seeks to cast its hegemony over the nations bordering the South China Sea.

Must say, master builders tho, for sure.

What you need to know about the GHOST CITIES of China

Is Communist China destined to rule the world ONE DAY?

They seem to destroy everything the touch, as they sure do not care about pollution and nature’s animals and plants.

china’s empty cities house 64 million empty apartments

an older video, but still mind blowing, relevant.

Many have been trying to figure out why China has been building so many “Ghost Cities” now you will know why. The US is on a planned collision course, as the Elite await for the destruction of Nationalism.

more then scary….. all part of the NWO??

They were/are cold-hearted /our downfall??


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